5 simple things that make me happy

Well, you could also call it 5 simple things that’ve made me happy this weekend.
It’s about those small, random, (almost) free things, clichés if you want, that put a smile on my face:
1)      Receiving flowers
This is so funny to me. Odds are that if you are a girl, you like flowers. You like receiving them from a boyfriend (or any man), you like their smell, you like their color, you like watering them or even talking to them.
I’ve never been one of those girls, or at least not until recently. I never saw the point in paying for something, and taking care of something that is eventually going to die. Most of my life, I was more of a tomboy than a girly-girl so I never felt the joy of receiving flowers (I would have been so much happier with chocolate!). However, I changed a lot in the last couple of years and now, not only that I enjoy receiving them but I actually go and buy flowers myself. They instantly lift my mood and I love having fresh flowers in my room.
So there you go, the small bouquet that I received last week has instantly put a big smile on my face 🙂
2)      My cat’s purr
I always go to sleep late at night (as in relly late, actually it’s 04:08 a.m. as I type this) and I’m usually super tired but one of the things that relaxes me and makes me even happier to be in my comfy bed, is my cat’s purr. He sits next to me and starts purring loud in my ear, which generates such a warm and cozy feeling!
3)      Spending time with my friends
Yesterday we had a small movie marathon at home, with popcorn, drinks and all and on Saturday, I went out with another friend of mine. The weather was crappy as hell, it was cold and raining but I did manage to take a few shots to show you guys what I wore (actually more than a few, sorry about the pic overload!) and take a walk and enjoy some deliciousness – which leads me to my next point:
4)      Laduree macarons
Laduree macarons have been on my „must try someday” list for ages now so it’s only natural that when they finally opened a boutique in Romania, I had to go to try them. Expensive as fuck might I add (pardon my french, ladies), but too cute to resist and definitely delicious. I told you before, I have a huge sweet tooth…
5)      Hugs from granny
Even sent through the phone. My grandmother is the most special person in my life and the one that inspires me to be who I am, though she is away. I talk to her almost every day and her hugs, even virtual ones, sent through the telephone, fill me with joy and happiness.

So here is my list of things, little, recent things that make such a big difference in my day and make me happy!

What about you? What makes you happy? 🙂


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