Mă domesticesc, la dracu
La Sibiu se poartă fuste vărgate, colorate şi flori în piept

Eternally melancholic, always on the hunt for antiques and trinkets, incorrigible fashionista, declared bookworm.
Well, hello there! I am Andreea, a 29 year old fille with an unquenchable thirst for history, art, fashion and everything sparkly. Welcome to my humble abode! Make yourselves at home 😊


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Ce mişto e la Sibiu!
Too rock and rollish to pass up
It's official. She’s here.

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Stuff from last week: shoes, books, jewelry and flowers
Hello, weekend
Bottle Jewelry Stand


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Death by birkenstock
It’s only when you are away that you appreciate it all the more
Târg de vechituri la Şuţu

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