Drape skirt

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(River Island skirt, Kenvelo jacket, no name boots, bag and scarf, old H&M top)

EN: Thought I’d showcase my new River Island skirt (well, not quite new but this is the first time I’m actually wearing it), kindly gifted to me by my mother a while ago… I’ve wanted it so badly ever since I saw it online at River Island and I was thrilled to finally have it in my wardrobe! I love the cut and the drapping effect (very flattering to most body types, ladies) and I think it’s one of those super easy, modern and versatile pieces that I’ll get a lot of wear out of…
Worn here with a pair of wedge booties, an old H&M blouse and some random accessories…
And yes, obviously the leather jacket made another appearance today.

RO: Genul asta de fuste parte-peste-parte, cu drapaje, mi se par foarte avantajoase (magulitoare? Cum pisici sa traduc flattering in romana?) pentru majoritatea siluetelor…indeosebi pentru clepsidre. Personal imi plac foarte mult; le consider unele dintre acele piese care necesita minima coregrafie ca restul tinutei sa arate BINE. Ceea ce am facut si eu aici… Hai serios ca o bratara, un inel, cercei si-o esarfa e minimum minimorum la mine:))
Detest minimalismul din ficati…in caz ca exista dubii.



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