Lavender fields of Bulgaria

Zara dress, Benvenuti sandals, Mango handbag, Asos hat, Pierre Lanier watch


Ever since summer is here, Andra (comrade Melinte, for those of you that don’t know, my best friend) is constantly mocking me because of my “obsession” with white. The color or noncolor white (as you prefer) is the one I’ve been gravitating since it’s started getting hot out, and my closet is literally leaning…from all the abuse. Crammed with white shirts and pants, more recently dresses too, I am very reluctant to say that my “obsession” ends here.

I go through different stages: one year I was obsessed with maxi dresses, another I was obsessed with off the shoulder tops, last year I went crazy over lace, and now I am smitten with breathable fabrics in light colors. Preferably linen or white cotton like in the photos here. I had seen this dress on Zara’s website, worn by a taller girl and with a very different body type than mine, but I found it stunning at first click even though I had no idea how it would look on me (Zara always tricks me with online orders; that is why I would rather try on the clothes in store when I can). I was lucky enough to find the dress in store. Tried on, loved, bought, taken home and photographed in a lavender field.

Ever since I got it, in my mind there were these scenarios placed in the south of France (maybe not Provence, and not necessarily lavender, but I was thinking of a less urban area of France), maybe a little village with crammed little houses and paved streets where the most prominent event of the week is Sunday market…

A bit far though, so I settled same as last year with our Bulgarian neighbors. Unfortunately, by the time that I got there, the lavender was relatively faded and I found it quite hard to find a “passable” field. Find a field of any kind, really… I think they must’ve harvested (almost) everything by the time that I got there. After long quests on hills and unpaved roads, through potholes and shady places, I finally found a field that would honor my dress and I proceeded to explore and photograph.

First of all, l I would like to say that I would very much like to see a french field as well. To compare, the least. I find the Bulgarian ones very beautiful, but from what I’ve seen in pictures, french lavender seems to be fairytale like. And I’m curious if it actually is… The bulgarian one was slightly withered, but the scent was still strong and it was a pleasure to walk through the bushes at sunrise. Complete silence, maybe just the buzzing of the insects and the wind’s breeze.

Next year Provence, maybe? 🙂


  1. March 26, 2019 / 2:31 pm

    You cannot imagine how hard I’ve searched for a field myself last year in Bulgaria (somewhere close to Veliko Tarnovo), but I heard about the beautiful fields close to Vama Veche. I’m thinking about going there this year and finding the perfect one, with a little bit o help 😀 Where was this field?

  2. May 26, 2021 / 6:13 pm

    Pozele astea parcă sunt desprinse din romanele lui Jane Austen. ❤️🤗

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