Magnolia 2018










Skirt: Asos

Shirt: H&M

Shoes: Asos

Clutch: vintage

Bracelet: Marc Jacobs

Earrings: vintage


It’s that wonderful time of year when both Instagram and Facebook are flooded with pictures of flowers. On trees or in vases – not really important, the thing is that every time I go on either of these platforms, bright colored images of flowers hit me in the face. And I’m not complaining. Au contraire!

Around this time last year, I was on a quest with Andra – the BFF to finding the magnolia featured in today’s post. The blame was again to be set on the host of images online – the 2017 flower collection – and driven by the starlet of today’s post, we proceeded to immortalize said tree. I still remember it: it was the weekend (therefore crowded, full of people and fugly cars), it was noon (therefore to bright of a light) and to top it all off, by the time we got there, the magnolia was wittered, the flowers were starting to decay on the concrete beneath it. Awesome.

We’ll be back next year.

2018, post-Easter, Bucharest still relatively empty. This time, with our homework ready, with the address written down (last year we walked around till we got dizzy until we found the damned thing), and at a favorable time (we were there at 6:45 am), we came before the much desired tree with the camera ready and batteries full (literally – I took 2 just to be sure).

The magnolia was everything we wished for. Absolutely magnificent both in color and size, bursting at the seams with fresh flowers and alluring like a mermaid – just to pull you in for a selfie.

We wanted to go a step further from a selfie (since we’ve waited so long for this to happen!) and we shot enough photos to fill up 32 GB of memory card. Our cup runneth over. We were too “thirsty”.

This reminds me of the times when I was activating exclusively on the blog. I didn’t have a YouTube channel back then and Instagram wasn’t invented yet (there was Facebook but it never appealed to me that much back then, neither does it now – therefore it’s the platform I most seldom post on). The blog was the system I accessed the most and I used to fill up entire memory cards like I did with today’s photos so that I can have plenty of choices. We were a small community back in 2010 when I started, and we would occasionally help each other out with the photos I’m referring to. I for one didn’t always have a photographer at my beck and call, and I would get ecstatic whenever I would catch a colleague/friend to help me shoot. I didn’t have state of the art equipment, nor did I possess wast knowledge on the matter but we would have fun with the entire process: outfit, location, photos, editing, writing and publishing. It was somehow much easier back then. Easier and much more fun – today, I have to admit that I am far more thrilled to work on video rather than an article. Maybe because I myself don’t read blogs that much anymore? “that much” being the key words here – I still read some but not nearly as many as I did back in 2010. I had dozens of bookmarks and a whole list of favorites, I knew their posting days by heart and what topic they would approach based on the day (today it’s about lifestyle, the day after tomorrow it’s going to be about travel and then maybe something about the colors for this season). One by one, they all disappeared (Karla’s Kloset was one of my faves back then – I just went to her blog and she hasn’t posted anything since April 2017), and if they haven’t disappeared yet, they completely changed their style and are no longer of interest to me.

Of those that stood the test of time and I continue to read to this day, I would like to mention a few (in no particular order):

  1. Sea of Shoes
  2. Messy Nessy
  3. Cupcakes and Cashmere
  4. Omnivoracious
  5. Style Diary
  6. Veranda

Except for #s 2 and 4 (the first one is some sort of novelty cabinet, and the second is Amazon’s book review blog), the others go towards the realm of aesthetics. And they’ve “been around” since 2010 if not earlier 🙂

I would very much like to know if you still read/access blogs. And if so, which ones?


The Magnolia would like to thank you for your attention and promises to return in 2019. That if anyone still reads blogs by then.

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