{Guest post} This week I’m loving…patterns and prints


Although I’m a big fan of dressing up, I’m at my most comfortable when wearing casual dresses. As you all know, we’ve been very lucky with the weather this summer and long may it last! I absolutely adore summer attire; it’s definitely one of my favourite seasons. I think this has something to do with the bright hues, sheer fabrics and fabulous prints.
When I see an outfit I love, I have to purchase it. If I don’t, I’ll spend the rest of the day dreaming about the outfit in question. This is exactly what happened to me when I stumbled upon the Katie Dress from Hobbs. I’d seen a friend wearing it a few weeks ago and I know it’s bad to buy something owned by someone close to you; however I had to have it. We only see each other once or twice every few months and we’ve made a pact to call each other prior to a big event in order to discuss our respective wardrobes.
Once given full permission to buy into this outfit, I spent the rest of the evening online shopping. This was to be my one payday treat and as I hastily clicked the mouse, I was bursting with excitement. One factor that attracts me to online shopping is the anticipation and I’ll often count down the days until my delivery arrives.
A knock on the door a few days later indicated that my parcel was here. I welcomed the postman with a huge smile and as soon as he was on his way, I wasted little time in opening the package. Thankfully it was a Saturday and I had all the time in the world to try on my new purchase. I began by teaming it with a pair of killer heels in a mustard hue, a similar shade to that of the pattern on the dress. I’m always wearing silver jewellery, yet on this occasion I decided to try a delicate gold chain, pearl studs set in a gold circle and several simple gold bangles. I’m lucky to have spent a large proportion of the summer outside, which now means I’m sporting sun kissed skin -and I intend to keep it that way using these great tips. The delicate gold accessories I had chosen perfectly complemented my golden skin.
The dress is slightly cinched in at the waist, which means it tends to look better with a belt. I picked a skinny style in a golden hue, as anything patterned would have clashed with the already busy print. Both the material and the cut of this dress appear very flattering. The short sleeves benefit from the dropped shoulders, whilst the knee-length cut screams understated chic.


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