It’s cold but who cares, my skirt is fabulous

sequin skirt1 sequin skirt2 sequin skirt3 sequin skirt4 sequin skirt5 sequin skirt6 sequin skirt7 sequin skirt8
(River Island skirt, New Look shoes, Oasap shirt, no name jewelry)
Freezing you ask? Yes it is. A bit too cold just for a summer shirt, but trust me mes amis, there’s nothing a thick coat can’t do. You obviously can’t see it in the pictures as it was so meticulously hidden by yours truly, but a coat does exist. I’m not THAT nuts to go out, in January(!) wearing just a tissue thin shirt, thank you very much.
So I’m really crazy about this skirt. If you read the blog, you probably know about my addiction to mid length skirts. I’ve been an addict for a couple of years and I love them even more now, so no surprise here, but my obsession for sequins has only grown since Fall and is kinda getting out of control. I have a ridiculously love for glittery, sparkly things at the moment. A while ago I bought two sequined tops and a pair of sequined pants, last week a sequin blazer and I’m currently toying with the idea of getting some black sparkly harem pants that I saw a few days ago at the mall. And there’s also la pièce de résistance, present here ladies and gentleman, the River Island pink glittery skirt!
I.Absolutely. Love. It. Those little sparkles make me happy (very happy) and the cute, pink color is so girly that I want to twirl in it all of the time!  It’s really cold in Romania at the moment and I didn’t want to wear it with boots so the only available option was to pair it with tights. Like really thick tights. Which I did.

Have I survived? Pretty much yeah. It’s cold but who cares, my skirt is fabulous.

Deci nu tată. Nu că-mi place, nu că e mişto, nu că ce luceşte, nu. Mai bine zis că sunt mai topită după fusta asta decât eram după păpuşa sirenă cu păr albastru de-o primisem la grădi. Era Dumnezeu păpuşa aia. Dar fusta…fusta asta…deci fusta ASTA e Dumnezeu! Altoit cu Schwarzenegger şi uns cu sutienu’de $10 meleoane al lu’ Victoria.
Că e frig, că nu e de pantofi,  CĂ CĂmaşa mea e subţire ca un şerveţel…detalii. Sunt mare boss cu fustă cu paiete? Sunt. Ce mai vrei, mă??!?


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