Jaw dropping

jaw dropping

…in every single way I can imagine.
Found this last night while going through Stockholm Streetstyle’s archive and my jaw literally dropped when I saw it. Gorgeous photo of a gorgeous woman in a gorgeous dress, gorgeously styled with those gorgeous black shoes and a gorgeous vintage bag (I suppose). This isn’t the first time I’ve mentioned my endless love for Ulyana on this blog and you probably all know that I would kill for her wardrobe-shoes included, but after seeing this, I kept thinking if I could pull her look off.
And the answer is probably no.
She is unique.
In every way.
A way that no one can emulate.
Still, a girl can dream, right?:)

How do you like Ulyana in this dress?

P.S. Absurdly supposing I could get my hands on such divine clothes, obviously I wouldn’t have any place to wear them. Ah, the joys of enduring a mere mortal’s boring life! <3


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