Many find solace in prayer…

…but not me. I find it beginning from a mild 4 inch to a sky scraping 6.5 inches.

Multi gasesc alinare in rugaciune. Nu si eu. Pentru mine alinarea porneste undeva de la un toc modest de 10 cm pana la un 16,5 :))

This may come as a shock to you, but I like shoes. Therefore, I got myself shoes. They are tall and beautiful and glittery and comfortable (they really are!) and they came with 40% off!
Need I say more?

Si stiu ca asta o sa vina ca un soc, dar mie imi plac pantofii. In consecinta, mi-am luat pantofi. Sunt inalti si frumosi si stralucitori si comozi (chiar sunt!) si au venit la pachet cu o reducere de 40%!
Mai e nevoie sa continui?



Also got some pretty lingerie and some other little thingies that i’ve been too lazy to photograph.
Solace or what? 😀

Am mai luat si cateva piese dragute de lenjerie plus neste alte treburi, socoteli mici, pe care, spre rusinea mea, am trandavit si nu le-am pozat.
Consolare sau ce? 😀


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