Nothing better…

…than coming home and finding pretty things into your mailbox, right? Well, not quite. I actually first had to go to the postal office and wait for my turn in the waiting queue (which was huge btw) and only after 2 hours of despair, I managed to get my hands on the pretty package (loved the wrapping paper!)
As usual, I had to pay some (very) nasty customs to the (very) unfriendly postal worker, just so he can open the package first and spoil all of my fun. Cute (he still isn’t convinced that I’m not a Colombian drug dealer. After all this time…I thought we had something special, you evil mister postman!)
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Anyway, isn’t this a super cute sweater? I was lucky enough to redeem it using my chic points on Chictopia, so it was pretty much free (in case you don’t know about it, the cool people at Chictopia have this awesome Chic rewards program where you can exchange Chic points for pretty items: dresses, shoes, bags, jewellery…you name it!)



And this is how it fits. I love that it’s cropped (always very flattering on a shortie like me) and how well it goes with my flared skirts!Gotta love a freebie polka dots!



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