Sometimes these boring days are just what I need

(River Island pants, New Look top, no name bag and necklace, Stradivarius cuffs, River Island shoes)

Ok, so I’m bored out of my mind.
Today is one of those dull days where I don’t want to do anything and trying to pass the time laying in bed with some movies i’ve already seen, obscene quantities of chocolate, blogging and playing with my cats. Not sure where this mood comes from but I could really use some sleep (god, the heat is unbearable! I haven’t slept well in 2 weeks due to this crap). Or maybe I should just settle for some retail therapy at buffalo jeans… Ah, existential problems!
Anyway, about the above outfit…
I know you all hate them and I know they’ve gone pretty much out of fashion, but I’m still in my harem pants phase. Hands down the most comfortable article of clothing I’ve ever worn! I bought this pair absolutely ages ago and I wear it all of the time, can’t believe this is the first time it makes an appearance here…The blouse was actually an impulse buy that left me with a headache of regret back in February (I think) and never got to wear it until now. Also popped on my beloved River Island disco wedges purely for the fun of it! I swear, every time i wear them, someone will stop me on the sidewalk and ask me where I got them from. Ha! My mom hates them.


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