Hot hot hot! Jeffrey Campbell "Lita"

For some people is cocaine, for others is shoes.I’m one of them.I spend hours staring, comparing pictures, analyzing colors, prices, heights, thinking how would i wear them.The higher the heel, the better.If it’s also chunky…i’m doomed.No more sleep or money for me as i won’t have any rest till i get my 8 size feet inside of them.Right now i’m obsesing over another Charles Anastase knockoff, the damn LITA by Jeffrey Campbell.I thought the Jessica Simpsons will be enough for my shoe crave but hey…how could i resist to these babies? I drool! Solestruck will ship them to you for 160$ and another 30$ delivery charge if you live in the middle of nowhere like i do, in Romania.Wish i lived in the US.What do you think, would you wear them?And which colour should i get?

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