Now we’re talking:D
Without the rain and the evil wind, autumn can be quite delightful.I love the kind of weather we had today, not too hot not too cold, just perfect for long walks(which i did).It’s like a scent in the air perfectly matched with those rusty tones you can see everywhere.And as a binge eater that i am(joking:P) all i can think about is pumpkin pie.My grandma makes a delicious one(which lasts for about 2-3 hours) and although i’m a cookin’ disaster, i love watching others how they mix stuff and pour that and then bake and then do that and that and that, totally sf for me:D Anyway, seeing all those rusty, orange leaves, made me think that i don’t own many(actually none) autumny colour garments in my weardrobe but i consider getting a jumper or something like the one you can see in the last picture.Autumn has such a lovely color pallet, i don’t know why i haven’t exploited yet.
How about you, do seasons influence the way you dress?Do you tend to get white in the winter or green in the spring?:D

IMG_2318 copy
IMG_2316 copy
IMG_2317 copy
(Vintage from head to toe except for the shoes and jewellery)

Love the colors

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