Gala UAD Cluj x Perwoll

#PerwollSustineDesigneriiRomani is the motto under which I participated at the Art & Design University Gala (UAD) in Cluj.

Every year since 1994, the bachelor and masters degree graduates from the fashion-design section end the school year by presenting their degree projects to the public. A public I was a part of this year. And not only did I partake, I even had the honour of giving out the two Perwoll prizes to the young graduates.

But let’s start at the beginning…

I’ve been to fashion shows before, but never at UAD, and never backstage. This year however, once I arrived to the mall where the Gala was held, I got the opportunity to go backstage right in the middle of preparations, take a few photos and sit quietly in a corner to watch the fervency before the “storm”.

I can’t even imagine how much work it takes to prepare a show like this, how many details have to be perfect and how many things can go wrong (not that they did, everything went smoothly). And good for them 🙂

Once I finished my little stroll to the backstage, I sat down on my seat with my camera in hand and started taking pictures of everything I liked during the Gala. There were 4 or 5 outfits for each student. I didn’t get to catch everything on film, I also didn’t like everything, but some of my favorites (some I even gave out prizes too!) would be:

Paul Păduraru – left, Alexandru Pop – right

Diana Turc – left, Vlad Pavel – right

Paula Clitan – left

In addition to the 2 prizes, before the Gala, Perwoll launched a contest with the challenge “ Geometrical shapes and lines”. They chose 5 winners and financed the creation of their collections. The collection was very colorful and happy, as modern as it gets:

#PerwollSustineDesigneriiRomani and this year, I had the honour of handing out the 2 prizes for originality. The 2 winners were Alexandru Pop (the big winner of the evening) and Paula Clitan.

Alexandru Pop left the building with no less than 7 prizes from “The VirAGOs” collection, through which he wanted to investigate the woman’s status in society, how her existence is affected by the norms and standards imposed throughout time, as well as the analysis of the female stereotypes and the integration of the feminist movement in contemporary fashion.

Paula Clitan’s collection called “The Secret Garden” was my favorite (how predictable, right?). The artist wanted to transform a feeling into a visual image, to explore the creator-interpreter-audience relationship, the body’s limits and the mind’s possibilities.

….and that pink puff-sleeved top still haunts me at night 🙂

Thank you Perwoll* for this opportunity, it was a honour and a pleasure to participate at the UAD Gala on your behalf!

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