Picnic along the Seine


Dress: Stefanel

Hat: Asos

Wedges: Xti

Bag: Chloe

Rings: H&M


Occasionally, when I was a kid, my family and I would go out in nature. Not like barbecuing or stuff (we would usually take home cooked meals with us or at least some sandwiches to avoid culinary failures), but to get some fresh air and some exercise, some badminton, some rummy, or to simply disconnect from day to day life and relax. As nature may imply, these outings would always take place on the GRASS. We would lay down a blanket and go on with our afternoon of leisure.

And that was my idea of a picnic.

… until a few days ago

I’ve been in Paris for about a week now and as I was telling you on Instagram, everytime I travel and know I have enough time on my hands, I do some research on interesting activities I might do while abroad. Leaving aside the art galleries, the mandatory encounter with the Eiffel Tower, the gorgeous gardens and the Versailles Palace, one of the constant suggestions I got was a picnic. I came across plenty of complex articles (with photos, exact addresses, nearby shops, time and season recommendations, what the picnic basket should contain, or even picnic locations based on where the tourist is from) – a really convincing plea for to oh-so-popular Parisian picnic. As things turn out, I had a picnic basket at my disposal (unfortunately, not my own, that is why I haven’t listed it alongside the other items I’m wearing), last weekend I got all of the necessary groceries, got my friend, Andra to go with me on the riverbank of the Seine, on a Sunday morning, in a gorgeous area behind the Notre Dame cathedral, and had a picnic. It was fabulous, I tell you!

Like I’ve mentioned earlier, my idea of a picnic implied grass, (usually some forest too, cause that’s the only experience I’ve had so far), but in the articles I’ve mentioned above, I would frequently find picnics held on the waterfront of the Seine, in different central areas of Paris, right on the concrete. Like here. Or here. Or even here. I initially found it odd (being summer and all) but here, the temperatures don’t run as high as in Romania (therefore the concrete doesn’t get hot) and for them, stopping on the Seine for some lunch, with a blanket, is perfectly normal. We went in the morning because we wanted to take some pretty pictures before the feast, but as far as I know, it’s most crowded in the evenings and I’m guessing that the sunset comes to aid when creating a romantic atmosphere. Depending on how much you enjoy crowded spaces, you can choose mornings for some privacy or evenings for a more vibrant environment. All in all, I would like to tell you that eating a yogurt while looking at the Notre Dame is a surreal and unique experience I’ve never had before.

Returning to today’s photos, I set a goal to immortalise as many of the city beauties as I possibly can while I’m here (I was actually talking to Andra about where to go if you want to take fugly photos, cause everything is pretty here!), therefore I packed a ton of dresses. It might all just be in my head, but I think this is the most feminine town I’ve ever been to (or at least inspires me to be more feminine), and no other dress would have matched my picnic experience other than my dark blue Stefanel which you’ve already seen (you, your estranged relatives and most likely, most likely your neighbourhood cul-de-sac as well) if you’ve followed me on any of my social platforms in the last couple of weeks. I’ve already featured it in three YouTube videos, two Instagram posts, two Facebook posts, plus in some stories, and now on the blog too.

I’m obsessed with it! In all caps.

I’ve worn it on lazy weekends, to the office, now on a picnic as well, I even wore it to the Elle Awards (where it was my lucky charm as it turns out!). And like I said in my videos, it’s an incredibly simple to wear dress with a clean cut that somehow looks fabulous, no matter how you style it. It’s like a clean “canvas” on which you can lay different colors and textures, precious metals, raffia, ribbons, rope, and everything wonderfully summerish that is now trending. The fabric is a combination of viscose that is very easy to iron, soft to the touch and slightly silky, not wrinkly at all (maybe that’s why it’s so easy to iron), and the color is a classic dark blue. In some photos, it seems as if it imitates velvet. 🙂

Regarding the cut… photos don’t do justice to the movement of the folds, but you might have seen it “dancing” on YouTube. The bottom part is extensive, it puffs and pooffs based on the wind, and even if you want more volume (or more exposed skin), you can unbutton some the buttons dressed in the same fabric as the dress. The dress buttons down from top to bottom. It has a detachable cord (in case you eat on too many croissants) and the sleeves are elbow length and poofy, accentuating the waist even more… Nevertheless, the bottom part is what excites me the most, I find the neckline stunning (I think I’ve mentioned before that, in my opinion, the back, shoulders, collarbone and the entire neck region are the sexiest areas of the female body). I don’t hesitate to show it whenever I get the chance, especially when it comes to such elegant combos.

This is what I plan on wearing on my flight back home, but until then, let there be croissants, macarons, and baguettes 🙂

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