(My 5) summer essentials

I am what you can call a “spring baby” – I was born late spring, towards the end of May. However, my absolute favorite time of the year has to be the summer. I love the longer days, the blue skies, the sun and even the heat! Just like a lizard, I enjoy sun bathing myself and I could stay all day long at the beach or at the pool, sipping ice tea and reading.
Having this said, I thought I should share with you guys my top 5 summer essentials I couldn’t live without!
1) Maxi dresses
During the summer, I live in maxi dresses. When temperatures surpass 30°C and it’s too warm for anything tight fitting, I usually don’t feel like putting any effort into my looks. My go-to outfit? A maxi dress, of course!
At the moment, I really love this romantic V-neck dress: the pattern is gorgeous and I’m a big fan of empire waists! Very flattering 🙂
2) Water
As boring as it may sound, water is probably the number one thing I always keep in my purse during this period of the year. Summer gets very hot in Romania and as I spend a fair amount of time outdoors, I like to slip a reusable water bottle into my purse just to make sure I have my own water supply on hand.
3) A hat
Hats are my favorite finishing touch to any summer outfit! I usually prefer big, bold, floppy hats but this year I fell in love with a straw boater hat from H&M. It’s cheap and I absolutely love the bow detail in the back! Everyone needs a straw hat to protect their face from the sun and look adorable in the process, don’t you agree? 🙂
4) A cool float
I think this summer’s hottest accessory has to be the float. For the past few months, shops have been invaded with them: donuts, flamingos (I got one for myself!), pretzels, unicorns or pineapples, they are all too cute to pass!
5) Sunglasses
Everything is so bright during the summer! Sunglasses are probably the first thing I reach for when the sun shines because 1/ I can’t see without them, 2/ they protect my eyes from harsh rays, 3/ I instantly look cooler haha, 4/I can pull off the no makeup look.
Now, what are YOUR summer essentials? Do tell!


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