And the thrift gods have smiled upon me once again

(Topshop skirt, H&M sweater, earrings and ring, vintage Celine cardigan, One Necklace monogram necklace, New Look boots, Oasap watch)*
They did. 
Cause finding a new, beautiful Celine cardigan with golden buttons, in pristine condition, is definitely what professor Mcgonagall I would call sheer dumb luck. (Wish that would also apply for this pale blue beauty, hehe). Probably the planets lined up or something, back when I found it…It was one of those awful days (yes, I remember it, I always remember my lucky thrifting days) when I spend like 4 hours digging through piles of junk, in a zillion different thrift stores and find nothing. I get all dissapointed and nervous and theeeeeen, cha-ching! It happens.  As usual, the best thrift store finds are most likely buried away in a corner, waiting to be discovered and god, I love it when that happens. I miss those thrills so much! [Sigh]

So anyway, for some reason, this time of the year more than ever, I find myself getting ridiculously excited about anything sparkly, shiny, sequiny – Is it made with sequins? Good, then I want it. Same thing with hoop earrings. There was a time in highschool when I was crazy about massive, statement earrings and I couldn’t stand to even look at hoops. Now, I freaking love them! Funny how fashion comes full circle every few years
*Wore this for a casual lunch with friends – coat and massive-bag-just-big-enough-to-carry-everything-plus-the-kitchen-sink, not pictured.


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