Îngrijire pentru tenul sensibil

Îngrijire pentru tenul sensibil

Bucharest, Romania

Eternally melancholic, always on the hunt for antiques and trinkets, incorrigible fashionista, declared bookworm.
Well, hello there! I am Andreea, a 29 year old fille with an unquenchable thirst for history, art, fashion and everything sparkly. Welcome to my humble abode! Make yourselves at home 😊

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Amfitrita nu știu dar Narcis sigur

Amfitrita nu știu dar Narcis sigur

Harghita, Romania
Collect moments, not things
Boost your skin’s energy with the new Idéalia

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Cadouri cremoase de la Vichy
Niciodata Colgate pe moaca
Estee Lauder Revitalizing Supreme + {GIVEAWAY INCHIS}


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Din seria “trucuri de frumusete, cum sa ai tu par ca la coafor”
Pimp my brows cu Benefit
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