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Since I don’t have an instagram account (for various reasons) but I (very) often take out my phone (or camera) and shoot photos (of stuff I like), I thought I should post a few of them here, just to bring you up to date on my not so glamorous life. So here it goes…

Grinning like a Cheshire cat
A few months ago I’ve been featured in two editions of this dutch magazine, VIVA. I obviously can’t read dutch (and I obviously forgot to post the photos when I received the magazine ; told ya the alzheimer’s creeping in) but if I remember correctly both of the articles were about prints and how to mix them. Anyway, thank you Viva! 🙂
 4 5 
Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings Shoes. Haha, so funny.
This time, about a month ago, I was all bundled up in layers, it was snowing and there was ice on the ground. Crazy to think I’m wearing sandals right now…
My wardrobe at the moment. Well, part of it. Most of my clothes and shoes are in my hometown where I have the luxury of enjoying my own closets, but here in Bucharest, I live in a small place where I have almost no closet space. A while ago I went to Ikea and bought one of those hanging clothes organisers and some hangers and here it is, very useful. Not to mention everything is much more organized now…
I love travelling by train, especially at night, when it’s empty and all I can hear are the train wheels…

 Ah, les cheries. These are my college friends. We took this photo about two months ago during one of those hang-out nights when we usually eat and drink too much, laugh a lot and get no sleep. So little time until graduation, I’m sure I’ll miss these nights…

Went to H&M one day and found these pretty sandals on sale. Last pair, my size. Bought them instantly!
(Yes, you hate my pants, bla bla bla)
Here’s a better photo of them. Pretty, huh?
Wearing: Primark blouse, vintage belt and H&M skirt. I adore this skirt but buying it was such a pain in the ass! The first time I saw it in a store they didn’t have my size so I went to another H&M to find it. They didn’t have my size either but a few calls were made and I was told to wait for their call tomorrow since one of the stores had the skirt in my size pinned to the mannequin. I said ok and left the store. Then I waited. And waited. And waited. Almost a week had passed and still no call. So I went back to one of the stores and surprise, not only did the skirt on the mannequin sold but also the next size up. 
What did I do? Yes, I bought a two sizes larger skirt (which I belt as tight as I can)
Cute cup of hot chocolate from Springtime. Tasty and super cheap…

Late night face
Cool pub I recently went to, placed somewhere near the Cismigiu park. It’s called James Joyce pub if I remember correctly.

Fifty shades during school breaks



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