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(no name skirt, vintage YSL sweater, Kenvelo jacket, New Yorker bag, Zara booties and necklace, H&M ring) 

Slightly older photos… because I haven’t taken any recent ones in ages. 
I’m wearing the vintage YSL sweater and the purple maxi skirt I was telling you about in this post. Actually, I’m not so sure about the maxiness of this skirt…It looked so much better on me in the dressing room! It’s supposed to be a maxi one but the length is really weird-as you can probably tell. If I wear it at my natural waist, it hits just above my ankles (which is pretty unflattering on a shortie like me), if I wear it on my hips (as seen here), I look like a dwarf. 
Meah… What do you think? 
Anyway, looking at these photos makes me want to go back in time. This bloddy weather is really messing me up (btw, guess what? It’s snowing! Again!) and I’m stuck in Bucharest for the next two or three days. 
Can’t wait to go home (in my hometown) for the holidays…



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