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(old Terranova sweater, H&M jeans and ring, Zara shoes, Oasap bag, vintage Ray Ban sunnies) 

Maybe. I just think it’s funny. 
I remember buying this sweater when I was in high school back in like 2006 and wearing it with pride (at least 3-4 times of week, that’s how much i loved it!). I then somehow decided I’m all grown-up and that I wanted nothing to do with funny cartoonish stuff so I put it in the back of my closet and forgot about it till now. I love it so much when I rediscover old clothes in my closet (or my mom’s for that matter) and make them current again! It’s like digging through my own personal vintage store but with far fewer junk pieces…
 Anyway, speaking of cartoonish stuff, how do you like my dalmatian H&M pants? Aren’t they fun? Everytime I wear them, people stare and a few women even came up to me to ask where I got them from! Ha! Some people bark at me too. Oh well, I guess it’s an education thing. 
That’s it for now, going to catch up with tv show episodes I’ve missed this week… 
Doing anything fun this weekend?



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