November in (phone) pictures

fur vest ripped jeans
 Great weekends that start with big bunches of fresh flowers
Delicious Moldovan sweets in the cutest wrapping paper
starbucks promenada
 Cosy evenings in the new Starbucks coffeehouse
 Adding a little sparkle to my room with dangling jewels
 Ikea toys that make me feel like Mister Duncan from Home Alone 2
pumpkin latte
Delicious pumpkin spice lattes
Flowers on my desk next to a kitchen tray and some crystal bowls that I use for jewelry and perfume storage.
Orange manicures and dainty rings
crimson outfit
Wearing crimson, reds and browns
Enjoying delicious deserts from Zoomserie instead of dinner
Currently inspired by purple velvet and gold glitter. Skittles. A golden photo frame that finally got a picture. Studying for a new job.
  deep purple
 Deep Purple poster. February 20
  snow flakes
 Adding ambiance to my bedroom with christmas snow flake lights. I love lighting these in the night, when it’s quiet and I can enjoy some time with myself
  raspberry cheesecake
 The best raspberry cheesecake I’ve eaten next to the yummiest chocolate frappuccinos
  fresh flowersBunches of pretty colorful flowers in every room

I hope you all had a lovely November!

P.S. Most of these photos have already been posted on TOTH’s facebook page. Feel free to like 🙂



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