Weekend outfits


(vintage leather skirt, Zara booties and bag, Oasap top, no name necklace)
  goldskirt2cropstripedtop3 goldskirt1 

(Oasap sweater, New Look boots, River Island skirt and bracelet)

        First, the one with the pink leather skirt. How awesome is that skirt? Indeed, it is leather and while I don’t support buying (NEW) real leather or fur, I don’t think there is anything wrong (or not that wrong) with vintage, preworn items made from these materials. I don’t know, since the harm is already done and the garment is there, available for wearing, I consider it way better to wear vintage (or faux fabrics) than to buy it new. Anyway, to get to the point… I recently bought this vintage skirt and I’m super excited about it. I had to have it altered a bit cause it was too long for a midget like me but the fit is good and I love love love how it looks on me! Paired here with a cute top I recently got from Oasap, Zara ankle booties and a Zara bag. The necklace is old, I received it when I was in highschool and it’s one of my most prized possessions… 

       For my second outfit, I went all goldie and relaxed in some sort of attempt to casualise a rather dressy look. I’m going through a glitter/sparkly phase right now and I’m especially drawn to metallic textiles or precious fabrics that reflect the light, like my pretty skirt here… The sweater has a nice gold finish too, you just can’t see it really well cause it’s tucked into the skirt. I just received it last week and I already wore it like 3 or 4 times, it’s really comfortable and warm! 
Oh and yes, I know you are very concerned about my health but rest assured, I did have jackets for both of these outfits. 
How you like em? 🙂


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