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(Lee Cooper jeans, Steve Madden sandals, no name t-shirt, vintage shirt, Zara necklace, New Yorker bag, River Island bracelets) 
So this is what I wear when nothing fits right: comfy jeans, any clean t-shirt, some sort of shirt on top to keep me warm at night and my trusty Steve Madden sandals. I’m so happy that I bought them last year cause they are so surpsingly comfy (considering the height) and I can wear them with pretty much anything! They more than paid from themselves… 
Anyway, so I was all blah about my wardrobe lately and the only thing that still seems to work is the above combo. I guess it’s easier at this point to just put on track pants and not bother with makeup, right? Unfortunately, not even shopping could put an end to my low inspiration phase. I went looking for a jacket with leather sleeves (I’m crazy for this style at the moment!) and while I did found something pretty (very similar to this one I may add), my size was long gone by the time I saw it. 
Nevertheless, I got myself a pretty high heeled treat that day… 


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