One, two, three

pantofi2 cana rochii 

One: Zara shoes 
So these are the pretty babies I was talking about yesterday. Got them from Zara this weekend during some sort of a surprise sale (anyone knows why were they having a shoe sale in Octomber?) and I really love the burgundy suede detailing on them! Wouldn’t recommend walking long distances in them though… They kill, trust me. 
Two: Hot cappuccinos and croissants 
Not like I needed an excuse to overly indulge on sweets but ever since the weather got colder, I can’t start or end my day without a big mug of my favourite hot beverage. Furthermore, lucky for me-and oddly enough, but now I have a Starbucks near my house… 
Three: Trying on pretty dresses 
Left-Primark, Right-Debenhams 
Recently found this outlet near me and bought myself a whole bunch of discounted clothes, including that pink number on the right… 


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